To be a growing community of Jesus' followers known for our love, relevance and the transformation of people’s lives!



Church is a community of believers and we encourage all of our members to contribute both financially and through your God-given talents.  In this way you will be better able to support the ministry of St Stephens as we seek to love and equip those who attend our gatherings and as we seek to engage with our local community and with the needs of the world.

If you would like to use your skills and talents at St Stephens, click here and nominate the area from the list below.

Everyone is encouraged to be committed with their Financial Support as well as one area of General Serving.


Financial Support:

Direct debit forms are available here: GIVING BROCHURE

Regular giving is encouraged by establishing a regular electronic transfer to:

Account Name: St Stephens Anglican Church

BSB: 032 299

Account Number: 810 118

Branch: Westpac, Frenchs Forest

Specific donations for missions or other purposes can also be made to this account number, ensuring a note nominating the purpose is made with the transfer.

Envelopes are available through the Church Office as a means to organise regular giving.



General Serving

Church cleaning

Morning Tea/Supper

Keeping church tidy

Serving Holy Communion

Deaf Ministry

Counting (money)Setting up/Packing up

Washing up

Parish Council

Help with Transport

Participating in a Home group

Church Accounting

Help with Ministry Groups

Praying for our church to fulfill the vision



Making meals for others

Food for Morning Tea/Supper

Food for Friendship Service

Inviting people for meals

Connecting with new people

Help Alpha event

Welcoming at church

Host First Sundays (supper after FIVE30 service in your home)



Praying for one another

Visiting sick/lonely

Monday Morning Intercessors

Supplying emergency meals

Phone/visit irregular attendees

Pray for individuals’ needs

Visit people in hospital




New members involvement

Pastoral Care

Sharing in Church



Teaching Scripture


Friendship Circles @ Glenaeon

Inviting new people to dinner

Inviting new people to church

Lending Christian books

Run Alpha

Support Missions

Christmas Outreach Event

Easter Outreach Event


Social Justice

Promote Fair Trade

Support/buy Fair Trade

Write to Newspapers

Lobby Politicians

Bitung Indonesia Team

Abolitionist Work


Up front/leading

Read Bible in Church

Lead Praise & Worship

Lead a Ministry Group

Lead an Alpha Group

Lead a Home Group

Lead an Outreach Group



Growth Group Bible Study

Scripture Teaching

Teach Friday Focus Course

Teach Bible Study

Pastoral Care Training



Christmas Event

Easter Event


Church Weekend Away

Office support (Data entry, filing)



Operate Visuals Computer

Operate Sound Desk

Web Page Support



Teaching Stevies

Helping in Stevies

RAW Leaders

RAW Dance

Morning Milkshake Club

Creche Helper

Scripture Teacher

Helping in FROGS

Helping in Holiday Programs

Stevies’ Spot

Help at Playgroup


Child Protection Training



Audition for Music Teams

Audition for 8am music

Audition for Singing

Look out for new songs

Design Flyers/Banners

Church Interior Decorating

Help with Church Publicity


Practical/handy person





Working Bees



Financial help when needs arise

To support SRE at Davidson High School

In my will to St Stephens