To be a growing community of Jesus' followers known for our love, relevance and the transformation of people’s lives!

Jesus & Us


St Stephens is a community of Christians who look to the Bible to instruct us and the Holy Spirit as God’s presence to strengthen and guide us in our service of Jesus.  It is our belief that faith in Jesus Christ impacts all areas of our daily life and experience. It is our hope that through our ministry we are known for our love, for the relevance of our faith and for the transformation of people’s lives. 
As a church we are made up of people in all stages of life, from preschoolers to retirees, and our community life reflects this variety.  Our main gatherings are on Sundays with a traditional 8am service, a more contemporary 10am service with a children’s program, and an even more relaxed FIVE30 service in the evening.
There are a number of regular events throughout the week at the church and in people’s homes where friendships are made and strengthened, prayer and support is found and the Bible is studied.  We are all on a journey and we hope that people will find healing and strength through our church and join in the work that God is doing in his world.
You are welcome at any of our activities and services. Please ring the church office if you would like more information - phone 9451 7852, or email at
(Rev) Michael Aitken
Senior Minister